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BOOKS FOR FREE! [Jun. 20th, 2011|04:30 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother
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Going through belongings in preparation for moving next month, trying to slim down since I will be taking three years worth of apartment filler to...basically one room, and I'd like to avoid renting storage. Here is a brief list of books that I will be selling or giving away, but I thought I'd let y'all have first pick. All books are in good shape unless otherwise stated, let me know if you want specifics about size/weight, subject matter etc.

All books are FREE, I just ask that you pay postage if you can (from USA 19606) and if you can't that's cool too, we'll work something out. Feel free to pass this post on to anyone else who might want free stuff, it'll be good for about a month then I'll just get rid of the stuff locally.

Graphic Novels/MangaCollapse )

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Non-FictionCollapse )

TextbooksCollapse )

I also have a ridiculous magazine collection that will probably be thrown away unless anyone wants them, mostly Entertainment Weekly, Readymade, Bitch, Bust and a few Anime/Manga and Harry Potter film mags.
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2010|03:54 pm]
Lon Chaney's kid brother
Okay, I promise, no more posting and cluttering up your flist after this. I just wanted to post something happy and I cannot stop giggling when I see this picture. There are more at No Fact Zone, but this one is my favorite, because it's so sassy.

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Po-tweet? [Jul. 14th, 2010|03:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

03:38 Batman & The Last Crusade, Batman To The Future, Batman & The Angry Inch, Ma Vie En Batman, Better Than Batman #movieswithbatman

11:54 First Sheppard then Steinbrenner. Sorry Yankee fans :(

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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Po-tweet? [Jul. 13th, 2010|03:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

15:14 So much love ^_^ RT @Dolly_Parton: It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen

16:13 1) Love this woman so much! RT @autostraddle: Margaret Cho Gets Cho-Dependent- The Interview: bit.ly/drPoxl

16:16 2) Enjoyed discussion of asexual romantic relationships. Also, amused by her intvwr constantly using the word 'gay' when Cho uses 'queer'.

16:36 I love people who use vocal from Watership Down. Whenever I see wild bunnies around my apartment, I assume they're out for silflay.

17:26 Holy heck, I adore you Twitter, you inform & amuse me, but it's time to get some work done. ::makes tea, turns off phone::

20:20 Watching the Home Run Derby in 3D; so apparently are the announcers. It really looks great, much better than the soccer game.

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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Po-tweet? [Jul. 12th, 2010|03:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

14:34 Spanish brunch downtown this afternoon: tweetphoto.com/32141157

16:19 Ooh. My parents are more technogeeky than I. Watching #worldcup in 3D on their new tv.

16:22 WHY ARE THEY RUBBING HIS BELLY? this looks really odd... #worldcup

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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Po-tweet? [Jul. 11th, 2010|02:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

15:37 Watching "Blazing Saddles" with my dad is an excercise in entertainment & masochism. (he enjoys it unironically)

15:45 Madeleine Kahn is fabulous.

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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Po-tweet? [Jul. 10th, 2010|02:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

09:26 Heh, I had long wavy girly hair in my senior pic, but it was still the same color (link to @maddow yearbook pic) bit.ly/c11PSH

09:37 ::cries:: RT @wilw: My episode of #Eureka is screening at Comi-Con ... and I'm introducing it. More details here: bit.ly/bloNsE

10:19 What the...just. What? RT @mmalkoff: Pennsylvania to start selling wine in vending machines. tinyurl.com/29o8q6h

14:09 Woah. RT @thinkgeek: WHY YES I would like some Candied Bacon Ice Cream for lunch! How-to: j.mp/9eLsDA Omnomdroolnom.

14:10 Now I want to try making avocado ice cream with candied bacon. It'll either be amazing or horrifying, there's no middle ground here people!

01:58 Listening to Denis Leary before bed. Think his signature song describes me pretty well at the moment.

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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Po-tweet? [Jul. 9th, 2010|02:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

09:34 I actually really like this 'summary' post. (includes #TDS articles) RT @BitchMedia: Kerbloffle: The Olivia Munn Saga bit.ly/9YX5sK

09:39 \o/ THIS IS OUR YEAR (sorry Jon <3) RT @Primetimeemmys: Congratulations @StephenAtHome on your #Emmys10 Nomination!

09:51 Oh no.... Happy for the nom @ConanOBrien but THIS IS STEPHEN'S YEAR #tcr

15:27 Very proud of @FoxInBoots for driving us into the city after we missed the Staten Island Ferry :D

15:59 View of rooftop pool from our hotel room in NYC: tweetphoto.com/31522664

16:15 Latest I've ever arrived in line. Graffiti on wall toward end of line: "my dad will leave my mom for Colbert!" #tcr

16:41 Aww, interns just came out with a cooler to hand out little bottles of cold water to people in line :D #tcr

17:00 Now the interns are bringing out popsicles! One said "the show's going to be really bad, we've got to please these ppl somehow!" XD #tcr

17:00 I got raspberry ^_^

18:05 Wow, the #tcr waiting room is beautiful. It's painted R, W & Blue and there are photo ops everywhere! A pic with "Stephen" or his fireplace.

18:13 And the traditional "Best of Colbert" DVD plays RT @FoxInBoots: "I enjoy cocaine and hookers because it's a fun thing to do." #tcr

18:19 Portrait above the waiting room 'fireplace' #tcr tweetphoto.com/31540151

18:22 Aww, this is the last show before a two week break. WE BETTER GET A TOSS #tcr

18:23 AND a new warmup comic? No Pete, some guy named Greg. Phones off, more later! #tcr

20:26 So, that was lovely. Got to watch Paul Dinello help Stephen with the script in between breaks :) #tcr

20:28 Also there's a nice little shoutout from Stephen in the intro I think y'all will enjoy thanks to a Colboard mod in the audience #tcr

20:30 Oh! Almost forgot, Stephen also namechecked Jon & TDS re: the Jezebel article. #tcr

20:38 Um, Paul Dinello just walked by me following a scruffy dog & looking grumpy. I squeaked "Hi Paul" but he didn't acknowledge me. Ah well.

20:39 The dog probably had some business to take care of.

20:41 GUH. See, came back when the dog was done & flashed a huge grin at me *puddle* Thanks, Paul ^_^

22:16 I don't even flow basketball RT lehmannchris: Of course LeBron's going to Miami. Because Florida wrecks every major decision in this country

22:16 Follow. Grr, typos.

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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Po-tweet? [Jul. 8th, 2010|02:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

08:07 Favorite thing about nightshift- I get to cheat at being a morning person! No work tonight, so instead of sleep I'm going out for breakfast.

08:07 Was too busy to see much of the sunrise, but now I get to enjoy coffee and the news.

08:17 Makes senseRT@DaveMcKean: Okay, that's odd. Saying Happy Birthday to Frida Kahlo has prompted tweets offering great lesbian dating services.

08:33 OM NOM NOM Spicy southwest skillet with piping hot coffee on a bright summer day. Drowning in fire and I LOVE IT!

10:49 Argh. Have hit the limit of coffee energy. Shower, run errands & sleep at parents, or sleep here, wake up too late & get nothing done?

11:02 Huh. Just read the Denis ONTD post. I didn't read Jon as making a gay joke after Denis' comment because he likes Project Runway.

11:03 I read him as giving a silly follow up to diffuse Denis, but not necessarily a sarcastic one.

11:11 Holy f€£k o_O ::remembers why I never read ontd:: how many times will I forget DON'T READ COMMENTS, especially not on so little sleep.

11:14 Time to back away from the Internet. !Hasta luego! (p.s. Hey iPhone, stop "correcting" my Spanish)

11:58 YES OMG YES!!! RT @EurekaWriters: Only two days until the premiere of #Eureka. Are. You. Ready?

13:02 Oddly, the hubub over @oliviamunn being too "hot" to be funny ties into how I feel about Wonder Woman's costume change.

13:04 I liked the old costume & don't think the new version is more feminist because she wears pants. I liked her warrior outfits best anyway.

13:04 Enough commentary. Had a falling out with my comic shop and haven't been following as regularly as I used to.


00:06 Yeah. So that was the fanserviciest fanservice that ever fanned. The only bad part...THAT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN TOMORROW WHEN I'LL BE THERE #tcr

00:07 Seriously, how do you even do another show after that? I expect a toss AND "Cheating Death" segment ;) #tcr

00:35 And I'm spent. (haven't actually slept since 5pm yesterday) good day & good night!

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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Po-tweet? [Jul. 7th, 2010|02:01 am]
Lon Chaney's kid brother

08:55 THANK YOU JON!!! XD he called out Denis, the Red Sox fan, on being in a "Rescue Me" promo w Derek Jeter!!! #TDS

08:58 This interview looks choppy, I wonder how long they actually babbled at each other. The last 30 seconds or so are the best part #TDS

09:12 The new #tcr intro word is "Flurpy"? Dare I ask...

09:14 N'aww, sick!Stephen. The reference to Gatorade confused me, since he's got it in a reusable Starbucks cold cup with the logo hidden #tcr

09:42 *sigh* so excited about Denis on TDS, and Steve Carell on TCR on Wed, completely forgot we're going to TCR on Thursday. Sooo close -_-

~everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~
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